I've been struggling for a while with whether I was going to leave the Blogger platform or not. I know that when a lot of bloggers transition out of Blogger they typically go to Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org. I like Wordpress.org, not a fan of Wordpress.com, but I love Weebly.

Up until about a week ago, I liked Weebly. Then, I discovered some really cool CSS features that allowed me customize design templates with the site. After that, I did some research and it looks like with my pro account, Weebly offers unlimited bandwidth.

Now I love Weebly!

But with the new design, I'm still figuring a lot out and I'm sure there's definitely some things still a little under construction, but mostly everything is in place.

My biggest question however, is:

How does it look on your monitor?

I'm really curious how the design looks to everyone else. I really appreciate you for being so wonderful to come check out my new site! I'd love your feedback!

How does it look? Have you ever switched blogging platforms?

- Morgan