I've been struggling for a while with whether I was going to leave the Blogger platform or not. I know that when a lot of bloggers transition out of Blogger they typically go to Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org. I like Wordpress.org, not a fan of Wordpress.com, but I love Weebly.

Up until about a week ago, I liked Weebly. Then, I discovered some really cool CSS features that allowed me customize design templates with the site. After that, I did some research and it looks like with my pro account, Weebly offers unlimited bandwidth.

Now I love Weebly!

But with the new design, I'm still figuring a lot out and I'm sure there's definitely some things still a little under construction, but mostly everything is in place.

My biggest question however, is:

How does it look on your monitor?

I'm really curious how the design looks to everyone else. I really appreciate you for being so wonderful to come check out my new site! I'd love your feedback!

How does it look? Have you ever switched blogging platforms?

- Morgan



02/20/2013 7:42am

Hey there!
Wew! Brave move! I am not the greatest person when it comes to HTML and stuff, and so far blogger.com is still pretty cool for me and everything I need so far!
Looking forward to follow your blog via bloglovin now!
Right now everythink looks a bit-.--ummmm- plain? But I´m sure this will change soon ;o)
xoxo and smooches from Germany!

02/20/2013 7:45am

thanks for your feedback, Anni!
yea, I'm still working to do more with the design and yea, it was a pretty brave move! thanks so much for your kind words! working on getting bloglovin together right now!

02/20/2013 7:59am

I'm new to blogging. When I first started, I didn't know there were any other platforms. I'd always assumed there was just blogger. I actually really like the look of this! It looks great from my monitor ;) Good luck with your transition.

Morgan Harper Nichols
02/21/2013 8:46am

Thanks Taylor! I was nervous but I think it's working out :)

02/20/2013 2:26pm

I think the new site looks great. I agree with Anni a little. I can't see any of your personality quite yet, but I know you're working on it!!

Before using Blogger I used Tumblr. I didn't like it at all. I didn't think I would enjoy blogging as much as I do. So, Tumblr limited my blog growth. I felt very unconnected from people who may have been reading my blog. Once I got to Blogger, I was so surprised at all the information that was available to me. I had to manually bring all my posts over to Blogger, which took a while...but it was definitely worth it. I'm sure I'll continue with Blogger for a while!!

Morgan Harper Nichols
02/21/2013 8:47am

Thanks Mionna! I am definitely trying to add a little more to it. And I'm with you on Tumblr. It's really hard to do a lot of different things there!

02/20/2013 5:22pm

I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to switch platforms. Actually, if I do ever switch, I'll probably bite the bullet and pay someone to handle it for me because I know that actual website stuff is not where my talents lie!

Morgan Harper Nichols
02/21/2013 8:48am

Yea, well I LOVE your new design so much!
I have to stop myself, because I seriously love designing websites. It's kind of a problem!

02/20/2013 6:31pm

I use Weebly has well and I love it. I considered going elsewhere but honestly I have two sites on weebly and have been on for over a year and I love it. Welcome


Morgan Harper Nichols
02/21/2013 8:49am

Thanks Taima! Your site looks really good :)

02/21/2013 3:37pm

I think it looks great! My monitor shows everything just fine, too! :)

02/21/2013 3:40pm

Oh, also, do you have a new button for the Christian Lifestyle Blogger? The old goes to your old site still right I think?

02/22/2013 7:11pm

LOVE it friend! I'm just now figuring everything out for blogger… lol #blogbaby



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