marriage is a beautiful thing, and most people can agree with that, but many live under the impression that you get married when you're done having all the fun, or simply tired of sleeping around, and finally found someone you think you can put up with for a while.

i've talked about this before, but my husband and i got married at 20 years old. we're now 22 and have been married for just over 2 years. i've lost track of the number of times people have responded to us being married young by saying. "why? you're so young!" as though to imply that marriage is not for our age group!

if you're afraid of getting married young because you think you're missing out on something, i'm here to tell you, you're not. my husband is truly my best friend and in just over 2 years, we've made lifelong friends in Macedonia, gone qifteli shopping in Kosovo, road bikes against a Venetian sunrise, roadtripped through the Rockies, got to hang out at the Grammy's, started learning new languages, acquired new skills, bought our own home, met really quality other young married couples, got more involved in ministry, started want less GIVE more, got closer to God...and so many more things.

i'm still trying to figure out what we're missing out on.

i got married young because i loved patrick, and he loved me, and we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. there's no age restriction on that. don't let others discourage you into thinking that marriage is not for you because you are young!


Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

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02/20/2013 10:03am

Love the new look of the blog! I think it is great that you found the one that your heart loves at an early age. Marriage is awesome!

02/20/2013 2:26pm

I believe that marriage is honorable because God ordained it. And the natural marriage is a reflection of the spiritual union between Christ and His people. Each generation has probably concluded their own time "caps" on the appropriate time to marry. For example, my grandparents were married at 13 and 16. And that was fine. My parent's generation it seemed like everybody got married during their junior or senior year of college. And that was fine. Then all of a sudden my generation was taught by society that you should do all these things and enjoy life before you're married and ready to "settle down". But I believe, if God gives a spouse to you, then why wait. You can date your husband. :-) I'm glad you both are enjoying married life!

02/20/2013 3:28pm

Such an adorable couple!!!:)


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