"no, we're together."

photography by sarah hanako's atelier in atlanta, ga, 2011
the amount of times patrick and i have had to tell people that we are in fact together since we've been together is too many to count.
being in an interracial marriage, sometimes people don't expect us to be together...
he's a hawaiian, chinese, white guy from alabama
and i'm a black girl from the city who plays guitar
if we're walking into a restaurant, even if he's standing right beside me,
there's a good chance the hostess will begin helping me,
 and then turn to my husband and say,
"i'll be with you in a moment, sir. right after i help this lady!"
then, we smile and politely respond in unison,
"no, we're together!"

this is just one of the many things we have learned to laugh about in our marriage.
i know there's a huge wave of young people out there these days that don't want to get married, 
and sometimes, due to bad experiences of marriage in their own family, there's a good reason why they might be hesitant.
there's more to marriage than all the serious stuff.
i promise.
me and patrick's marriage is a commitment that we made before God
that we take very seriously and it is very important to us.
and when we said our vows, we meant every word.
we meant it forever.
and even though it has its hardships, lots of sacrifice, 
and it's not always glamorous,
we're finding that we still have to
i can honestly say that
i have laughed with my husband more than i have laughed with anyone in my life.

we laugh when patrick burns the quesadillas.
we laugh when i lock the keys in the car.
we laugh when we stay up too late and we know we have to get up early.
we laugh at crazy movies we find in the redbox.
we laugh when we get lost.

of course we cry, too and we have our frustrations,
but what i'm finding is that you have to laugh,
you have to laugh with each other, 
laugh at yourself.
i know we are only 2 years into this and 
we'll learn so much more about each other in the years to come, but 
in the meantime, 
"There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens...

...a time to weep and a time to laugh."
Ecclesiastes 3:1,4

What have you learned to laugh about in your marriage?

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