here we are...a couple years earlier, a couple of pounds lighter....

since patrick and i got engaged over 2 years ago, i have been known for telling this story with a huuuge lack of detail. i'm also terrible at the mushy stuff.

i don't try to, but i'm more of a key points person than i am a detail person.

with this blog, i'm actually trying to find a healthy place in between both of those places...

so, in effort not to ramble nor barely scratch the surface,
i've put our engagement story into 17 points

(and here's the part where you can tell i'm the daughter of two teachers....)

1. after patrick and i had been dating for ten months, i started grad school at unomaha where i would spend three weeks away from home for my residency

2. while i was gone,
 i had this gut feeling that i wanted an ipad because a guy in my program had just gotten one (this is when ipads were like having an iphone 5)

3. one night i was talking to patrick from nebraska, i told him how i wanted to go get an ipad the night i got back to atlanta

4. he kept discouraging me from getting it that night because we had "plans." so i asked him, "why can't we just get the ipad while we're out then?" he never responded to that question. so naturally, i became a little suspicious.

5. but after thinking about it, i was like, 'well, we've only been together for less than a year and even though we've talked about marriage...i don't know...'

6. end of the residency came around and i flew back to atlanta

7. patrick picked me up from the airport (wearing an ironed shirt and cologne) and took me to my favorite restaurant, chow baby in atlanta

8. honestly, i was not suspicious at this point. i just thought he was excited to see me after 3 weeks and wanted to take me out

9. after dinner, he insisted that we go to this bridge in atlantic station (about 5 minutes away) and check out the view from the bridge (which i had been wanting to do for some time but never got around to it)

10. now mind you, it's approaching 11 p.m., i'm jetlagged, and not really in the mood for walking around downtown atlanta. i really just kinda want to go home and go to sleep.

11. still not suspicious, i gave in and off we went toward atlantic station!

12. after we had parked and started walking pass the millennium, i noticed patrick was wearing his backpack. i was confused, but honestly, still not suspicious

the millenium gate at atlantic station..where it all went down!

13. we finally reached the bridge and after a few awkward moments, patrick pulled off his backpack and pulled out...

a notebook.

14. now, i was suspicious. he proceeded to read a letter that he had written to me which was all about how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me
(queue the "awwwws")

15. and at the very end of the letter, he asked me to marry him

16. that night, i went home and told my family. i didn't build any suspense or anything, i was just kinda like, "hey guys, i'm engaged!" that's just kind of the way i do things. i know it's weird, but my family understands :)

17. we were wed that october 17th, outside of a beautiful antebellum 2-story home that happens to belong to my family. surrounded by 300 of our closest friends (yea..i know..we know a lot of people!), it was a wonderful ceremony where we became one before God and we've been loving each other more and more ever since!

oh, and i ended up getting the ipad two days later!

and now for...
my first Weekend Update

- drove back home from Nashville with my sister after a very productive time there
i know i keep saying it, but cool stuff is coming with my music very soon!
- went to women of faith in atlanta. my sister was a speaker on their girls' tour, the revolve tour for two years, so it was great to see some familiar faces!

- slept. in. and it felt wonderful. husband had to go to work and i mostly just got caught up things around the house since i had been gone all week.
- we ended the day at panera bread where he worked on his research for one of his courses and blogs :)

- family and friends sunday at church...lots of new faces and delicious food!
- came home and passed out. i ended up staying up super later on saturday, and was exhausted when we got home
- woke to my sister ordering pizza and we watched a little bit of the emmy's, and an old movie called 'life with mikey.' and here's a picture i took of my favorite scene from the movie.
the movie is that funny. you should watch it.

thanks for tuning in!


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